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TRAK SEAL Overview

Tire failure is one of the most frequent causes of downtime. This is especially true for rental equipment. TRAK SEAL substantially reduces downtime, increases effectiveness, and reduces tire repair cost.

Industry Direction

An increasing number of large vehicle owners and operators are finding that TRAK SEAL is a practical alternative to the high cost of field replacement. Other tire sealants cannot provide reliable protection against many types of tire damage. TRAK SEAL, on the other hand, uses an entirely different means for sealing punctures--eliminating the need for costly field repair.

TRAK SEAL Characteristics

Tire sealants typically have been unreliable due to their chemical nature. While other sealants utilize a technique of sticking or gluing tire punctures, TRAK SEAL seals by means of molecular linkage. In addition, our product is non-toxic and water-soluble, offering the user a means to accomplish emergency field tire repair. Unlike most other sealants, TRAK SEAL is not adversely affected by extreme temperatures, making it reliable under adverse conditions. TRAK SEAL is a tire treatment, not just a tire sealant, and is unlike any other tire sealant/ballast product available in the marketplace today.

Safety Features

TRAK SEAL increases safety and reduces liability. It acts as a tire ballast, lowering the vehicle's center of gravity and preventing roll-over. It also increases side wall rigidity, improving the safety and performance of your tires. TRAK SEAL has the highest density of any ballast material on the market, offering twice the safety of foam at half the cost.

Take Action Against the "Nail Flat Plague"

TRAK SEAL stands out because of its superior sealing characteristics. Additionally, it is the only product on the market offering adjustable ballast. You can put yourself on the road to eliminating nail flat downtime by placing a trial order today. Simply send us an e-mail expressing your interest in our product and we'll get you rolling.

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