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News Release!

Introducing TRAK SEAL in Water Soluble Bags

Trak Seal announces a revolutionary application method of our newly reformulated Trak Seal Powder Industrial Tire Sealant.

No measuring, no mixing, no pumping. Simply drop the pre-measured water-soluble bag into the tire cavity, add prescribed amount of liquid, re-bead and inflate the tire.

Trak Seal Powder is a heavy duty sealant that instantly seals punctures up to 3/8" diameter--larger holes can be sealed using a mushroom-type plug.

Only one tenth the cost of foam or solid fill products, Trak Seal cushions like air and saves wear and tear on machinery and tires.

Trak Seal gives you more options than any other tire sealant. Because it is a powder, you can add it dry any time you install new tires. Simply apply Trak Seal between the bead and the rim, add water with freeze protection and let "the solution" do the rest.

Because Trak Seal is water soluble, you can use it to repair damage on tires that are already installed. Just mix Trak Seal with water and glycol, then pump it through the tire stem as you would a conventional sealant. Trak Seal is not a sticky glue, so you can rinse it off tires and wheels. It can be reused if desired.